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Dumping prices have an impact: tickets for Andre Hazys’ concert in Ahoy are sold out | Displays

The 29-year-old singer used websites such as, and to buy entrance tickets, which usually cost around 70 euros. Selling at dump prices. Haze, who will perform for the ninth time at Ahoy on November 25, had difficulty filling the nearly 16,000 available slots at Rotterdam’s popular temple. Tickets for the second episode […]

Halena Reijn teams up with Nicole Kidman and Antonio Banderas in her new movie, Babygirl

Helena Rayne.Image by Arjo Frank/NL Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman (56) plays the career woman, while Harris Dickinson (27) takes on the role of the intern. Antonio Banderas (63 years old) will play the role of the husband, and Sophie Wilde (26 years old) will play Kidman’s assistant, who anticipates the relationship, according to the film’s […]

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