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Once again, the government is allocating billions to immigration, according to leaked plans for Budget Day 2023

The government is once again allocating billions of euros to asylum and immigration programmes. This is demonstrated by the Ministry of Justice and Security’s budget plans, which coincidentally were briefly published on its website on Monday afternoon. Asylum costs this year are much higher than budgeted. The gap amounted to more than 3 billion euros. […]

And although the voters have left, the ailing Socialist Party remains intact, with the fighting, the banners and the soup | Policy

electionsWhat does a party do when competitors plunder its ideas and voters leave too? In SP they don’t seem to know the exact answer. So, there are simply protests against its socialist members. Perhaps the Belgian “comrade” encourages the supporters. If the party needs you, come. And so, on Sunday morning, Wieringerwerf’s Lea Pasjes took […]

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