Drone photos: What a month of war did to Makarev

Drone photos: What a month of war did to Makarev

Makarev is located on the western side of Kyiv. In the city, 132 civilians were killed by the Russians. Mayor reports. 40 percent of the place is destroyed, according to the mayor, writes Kyiv Independent

Places like Bucha, Irbin and Borodjanka, which have become world news in recent weeks, are 20-40 kilometers away. The population of Makarev is usually about 15,000 people, but most of them left before the arrival of the Russian army. Residents are now returning to assess the damage. One house is still intact, the other finds a mountain of rubble.

Landmines “gift”

Makarev was of great strategic importance for the Russian army. Talk to the mayor Washington Post About the struggle in and around the city, which at one time was captured block by block.

Makarev is also the place where two elderly city dwellers were killed by Russian soldiers as they advanced through the area (in a suspected attempt to encircle Kyiv). We made about that incident This is the enlarged video

According to the mayor, after their departure at the end of March, the Russians left “gifts” in the form of landmines. On his Telegram channel, he calls for extreme caution.

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