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Game developer Motive Studios has released new details about the upcoming new version of Dead Space. This game will consist entirely of one continuous scene, so there will be no cinematic scenes or loading screens.

Gives great producer Philippe Ducharme In a blog post Learn more about how the development of the Dead Space edition is progressing. The man explains that a single continuous shot has been selected, which is supposed to create an “uninterrupted” gaming experience while playing the game. According to Ducharme, USG Ishimura, the spaceship in which the game takes place, will be fully digitally connected. Thus players will be able to complete the spaceship without seeing any scenes or loading screens. According to the developer, this is new.

The developers also shared some graphic details. For example, it was possible to significantly improve the lighting system and the details about the distortions were communicated to the enemies. These will be made even deadlier in an upcoming remake. According to the developers, fans have been involved since the beginning of the game’s development process. An advisory body has been created to provide feedback and ideas. That body met every six weeks to consult with the development team.

Earlier this year EA Games and Motive Studios revealed This new version of Dead Space will be released on January 27th. This sci-fi survival horror game will be completely rebuilt on the Frostbite engine and will be available on Playstation 5, Xbox Series and PC. Dead Space was released in 2008. The game revolves around Isaac Clarke, who has to repair a spacecraft in search of his partner Nicole, but is opposed by the monstrous aliens. The so-called tanchomorph. The original game was released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Screenshot Dead Space Remake

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