January 27, 2023

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Denuvo-DRM Maker introduces SecureDLC-drm for DLC and microtransactions – Games – News

It is better to leave those games that are really demanding after this.

This is my policy at the moment. We’ve been complaining about silly tech choices for years, but it seems like it’s getting worse, not better.
Does it (seriously) violate privacy? far.
Do I have to overcome all kinds of obstacles (login, popups, etc.)? far.
As a manufacturer, do you choose solutions for your own gain, despite the fact that the consumer is clearly saying: No, we don’t want that? far.

Quite frankly: I don’t have to. For privacy, check out Jolla’s Sailfish, among others. Fortunately, they are still there, despite a little enthusiasm, but I see it as one of the serious alternatives to Android/iOS. Minimal privacy violation, no ads in Sailfish apps, no paid apps, root access and healthy update policy. Whereas in terms of market share, you would think of one per thousand instead of one per cent.

And I don’t expect anything political either. In my view, no political party will realize a healthy digital environment. The only way to achieve something is by wallet voting.

And for Android, all privacy options are closed and an ad blocker is used. who – which Billions of profitsI don’t want to be a part of that. And regarding DRM in games: Don’t play any fun games or less, if things go wrong again due to wrong choices.

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