March 23, 2023

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Cinemas will be closed for 4 weeks: No Spider-Man and Matrix until January 14

Cinemas will be closed for 4 weeks: No Spider-Man and Matrix until January 14

like today shown There was a good opportunity to announce a new year’s closure today at 7pm during the press conference of Mark Rutte, Jaap van Dissel and Hugo de Jong. This is a fact now. The Netherlands is closed.

For movie fans, this means cinemas will close after major new measures have been taken in recent weeks following a QR scan for the previous months. So the doors will now be closed completely until January 14 next year, with the hope that the doors will open again.

There is great fear that the consequences of Omicron/Corona infection will fill hospitals and the intensive care unit, and on the advice of the OMT, the Cabinet decided to start from Tomorrow morning at 5.00 To enter insurance. So don’t go to the cinema tomorrow either.

Bad luck for Spider-Man and The Matrix fans
Has been working since last Thursday Spider-Man: There is no room for home Particularly successful in cinemas around the world and will start next Wednesday Resurrection Matrix the first show. So you can’t watch both movies.

People who There is no place for home I’ve already seen it, so it can talk about luck. People are looking forward to Resurrection Matrix You may have to move abroad. By the way, the fourth matrixMovie in the US online December 22 on HBO Max.

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