June 3, 2023

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Car manufacturers are troubled by US border sanctions

Car manufacturers are troubled by US border sanctions

Truck bans in Canada are now beginning to disrupt the economy as well. Automakers Ford and Toyota have said they will stop or reduce production at factories in Canada. Barriers on the Canada-US border have led to shortages of components.

In particular, the siege of the Ambassador Bridge between Detroit in the United States and the city of Windsor in Canada is causing many problems. The bridge has been blocked for three days now by Canadian truck drivers, who are angry that the federal government is forcing them to be fully vaccinated.

Quarter of trade

A quarter of trade between Canada and the United States is carried across the bridge each year. The blockade is not complete, but transportation from Canada to the United States is possible.

The car industry in particular has been hit hard. Ford has already closed one factory and Toyota reports problems at its three factories in Canada. Moreover, exports of agricultural products have also come to a standstill.

Crossing a border in the province of Alberta is prohibited, and the road is closed in both directions.

Angry truckers and angry Prime Minister Trudeau say:

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