Bloomberg: Apple announces new MacBooks at WWDC

If you don’t want to, you can stay with the AppStore.

This becomes very difficult if, for whatever reason, the software you need is no longer available in the App Store, but only in someone else’s (obscure) store with different rules.

This is my problem with this EU legislation. It states that there is a problem that “Apple has too much power”. (Not that specifically, Apple wasn’t mentioned; but you get the point.) The actual solution to this is “Now we are giving all the power to the developers.”. The upshot is that you have now solved problem A by creating a new problem B, which is that the consumer can actually be forced/blackmailed by developers to do something they actually don’t want to do (get out of the ecosystem). The legislation is thus lopsided and, ironically, also ensures that Facebook, for example, is allowed to dip under Apple’s anti-tracking program again by forcing users to buy all apps via the META store. Or an EPIC program that could simply refuse refunds to affected parents, which Apple mandates, or make it extremely difficult to terminate a subscription. etc.

What I would find more sensible were they forced a company like Apple to enable more balance (whether through additional APIs or not to better standardize with alternatives as well (eg: alternative store subscriptions are also in the list of subscriptions), but Developers also had to contribute to this balance. So your software is in an alternative store? Yes, that’s good, but also in the original store. Tracking may be activated, but you can activate it in your own store: so be it, but you’re not allowed to force/blackmail the consumer into choosing v2 anyway.) Use alternative in-app payment processors? from Apple so that a) consumer can’t be forced a.) by Apple to pay through Apple, but b.) also a developer can’t be forced not to pay through Apple if you prefer (ie: not somewhere else you have to Provide your data / can remain anonymous, not another place where your CC can be stolen or your data leaked, one place where you manage all your subscriptions, etc.).

Then you really have more options as a consumer. Now it’s just a matter of handing over to the developer so the issue has simply been moved and you can get a lot of competing benchmarks. In any case.

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