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I definitely got your points. (+1 if you can)

I’ve also been playing since 1942, starting with my dad’s PlayStation 3 at the time until I owned my own.
I don’t have the most hours of all the Battlefield series, so I’ve played a little once but BFV often.

However, I want to make it right, the ranks have been defining the Battlefield series since day one. Just like Call of Duty with its class system.
With a big change like this, you’re essentially removing a portion of the Battlefield organization, along with a lot of other features missing. I’m not going to list them because 1x BFV starts up and you’ll see it right away.

You mentioned it yourself, the launch of Battlefield 4 was also a disaster, certainly true. However, the things that made Battlefield a Battlefield were not missing there. Enough weapons, maps, class system, etc. Yes, you can use the argument more time is needed for more weapons and maps, hence the seasons system. This on the other hand is a dirty excuse, if so they should delay it because the content we got now is well below average.
And yes, the failed launch is part of Battlefield in one way or another, but that’s all AAA release back then, isn’t CDPR?

I agree that nothing is right these days, ever. The last of us 2 was great but the ‘wake-up culture’ plagued me and that was annoying to some people when it got digging in your face. (I’m not bothered by that, excellent game)

In my view, this is likely to be a very powerful battlefield, but it certainly isn’t the “love letter to Battlefield fans” they promised.
This, on the other hand, is not old Battlefield, it lacks the features that made the series and with that they leave the true Battlefield fans behind.

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This is far from the most chaotic Battlefield in my opinion, the maps are flat, without character and too big giving you “sectors” where there is combat. It also seems that the designs are made for tanks and cars, not for pedestrians as you’ve often seen in a BFV.
The only way I see Battlefield is a mess is the user interface, gameplay, and the countless bugs that still exist. You’ll likely have a lot of “reloading” on your mind after you’ve already done this.

I often mention BFV in this reply, this can be annoying. But it is significant because it provides an excellent example of why this Battlefield is an actual step backwards.
You don’t feel like a soldier fighting in a war, you feel like a hero shooting other heroes with some robots through them. (My opinion)

There’s also no reason to do something as a team, you don’t get anything in return like a V1 rocket.

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