May 29, 2023

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An Orca That Was Half Dead In The Danish Straits For A Month Found Alive |  distinct

An Orca That Was Half Dead In The Danish Straits For A Month Found Alive | distinct

An orca that was more dead than alive in a Danish fjord for a month last year was found alive and kicking near Sweden. The animal was identified by its distinctive collapsed flipper.

The animal became stranded on a sandbank in a fjord in the Danish region of North Jutland last year. The dolphin-like animal showed all sorts of signs of illness and experts thought the killer whale would not survive.

The call rose to put the animal out of its misery. But the Danish Dolphin Organization in Denmark believes in a rescue, even though seagulls are already pecking at the killer whale. The animal was pushed back into the water. After that, it was not certain for a long time whether orcas survived.

So far. Swedish observers have been watching the animal for some time, but they can’t yet say with 100 percent certainty that it was the same killer whale. The animal was seen again on Friday near the Swedish city of Gothenburg. When the experts saw that killer whale’s distinctive collapsed fin, they were sure it was the same killer whale.

Experts describe the find to the Danish TV channel TV2 as “News of the World”. According to experts, it shows that you should always try to rescue stranded dolphins or whales, even if they appear to be dying.

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