An image of the alleged AMD Phoenix 2 apu indicates a hybrid chipset design

An image has emerged of what could be the AMD Phoenix 2 APU. X/Twitter user feedback will show that this new AMD APU has a hybrid chip design, as previous rumors suggested.

in the picture, Posted on X/Twitter, There are said to be two “regular” Zen 4 compute cores, but there are also four more efficient Zen 4c cores. The latter are improved computing cores with lower clock speed, lower power consumption and smaller size.

In July of this year, AMD confirmed the presence of a new Phoenix APU processor with six cores, but the company has not yet said that it is a chip with a hybrid architecture. Earlier this year, AMD documents were also leaked referring to the new Phoenix APUs. We can conclude from this that the chipset will have both “normal” and “more efficient” computing cores.

If the Phoenix 2 APU has a hybrid architecture, AMD is following in the footsteps of its competitor Intel. It introduced its Alder Lake chips in 2021, which also have “regular” and “more efficient” compute cores.

The alleged image is AMD Phoenix 2-apu – Source: X

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