America, here we come! Or not yet? | To travel

America, here we come!  Or not yet?  |  To travel

How many American lovers among our readers! Many in our mailbox are happy to have the opportunity to travel back to the United States from this week.

The condition is that they are fully vaccinated and may show a negative corona test result. Most people have no problem.

Anja Bolman is interested. She has not seen her sister, who moved to New York ten years ago, since the Corona eruption. “By the end of November we can finally hug each other again.” She did not care about Corona: “If the country was locked up or I was isolated, at least I would see her again.”

Jeroen de Man and Gusta Zonneveld are emailing that they will soon be reunited with their loved ones in the US. Mary Oplat wants to have a daughter in Texas, but wonders if it’s best to go only when the Corona crisis is really over.

Some American activists disagreed with the terms of the trip. Olivier Heegveld says: “I’m looking forward to relaxing again.”


We were supposed to see our daughter in May who lives with her family in Texas. Unfortunately, this turned out to be different due to travel restrictions. When we heard in September that the US was opening up to vaccines with a negative PCR test, we opened a bubble. Now we have doubts.

Mary Oblot

Long vacation

This week we are going on vacation to the Caribbean and if possible add a week of Florida to it. It’s still a little far!

Leo Verkerk


I love going on vacation to the beautiful south of America. Since I went to Iran a few years ago, I had a lot of trouble applying for a B2 visa. Still, it didn’t stop me.

Jack von Earl


Our favorite holiday destination is the United States, especially the West. We like to arrange everything ourselves and book ‘Fly and Drive’. We are postponing our trip for a while as car rental is currently shockingly expensive. We look forward to more favorable times.

H. Shoijling


Our daughter has been working as a couple in Colorado Springs since January 2020. We haven’t seen each other because of Corona, but next month my husband will be flying to her for two weeks. In January I travel with her for a month and then take her home.

Gusta Zonneveld

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