After years of waiting, finally the last book by De Zeven Zussen: ‘I stay free all day’

After years of waiting, finally the last book by De Zeven Zussen: 'I stay free all day'

A book stampede is expected. Atlas has a circulation of 350,000 copies in the Netherlands. By comparison: the first printing is often only a few thousand prints. The book’s publisher announced Monday that never before has a book in the series been printed in such a large number one edition. It is not known whether a book in this first edition was ever printed in the Netherlands.

In the Wagner Bookshop in Sassenheim they know what to do with the popularity of the series. This morning at 8:28 a.m., everyone is welcome to take part in what they describe as “Bollenstreek’s biggest book breakfast.” Fans (and interested parties) of the series can be the first to pick up the book there.

from all over the country

According to organizer Willemian Wagner, hundreds of people come today. “From all over the country,” she says. “We also have records from Maastricht, for example, or someone from Herdy in Gelderland. Earlier this year, the son of Reilly, who wrote the book, came to our shop. The room was full at that time.”

Wagner expects the book’s release to be an emotional moment for some. Of course, she died, and this is the first and last book after her death.

Riley died of cancer nearly two years ago. At that time, she had not finished writing the last part of the hit series. She left notes for her son, Harry Whitaker, who finished the book.

Best selling book

Reilly’s books have been bestsellers in the Netherlands several times. In 2021, when her penultimate book comes out, this book is far ahead. In total, it exceeded the counter 300,000 times. Number two, Children’s Book, followed, selling 234,000 copies.

In the lead-up to the finale, the book’s publisher also released a podcast series. In 7 episodes, one for each book, the series looks back and forth. Demonstrates the popularity of Riley’s books.

Two of Riley’s biggest fans are Kirsten and Brenda. Together they run the De Zeven Zussen Forum Facebook group. in that group Nearly 14,000 fans discuss all kinds of theories and ideas about the books and characters.

The group started less than three years ago. Surprised he wasn’t there yet, Kirsten and Brenda started one themselves. successfully. “We wanted to talk about books with each other, but also with others. We still get new members every day. We now have members from about seventy countries.”

Seven sisters shirts

For Kirsten, the combination of mystery and historical fiction is what appeals to her most in the books. “How all the mystery and secrets are revealed. I think that’s what makes it so successful.”

So she is very much looking forward to the final part. “We really wanted to go to one of the biggest events in the country for this book together. But we both have kids who have to go to school and don’t have a driver’s license, so that’s not possible. Now we’re going to The Seven Sisters T-shirts at our own local library.”

“Then we took the whole day off to read the book,” says Kirsten. “The plan was for each of us to go home separately and then read together on Google Meet so we could discuss each class.”

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