A dog tears 1500 euro papers .. and the central bank saves | abroad

A dog tears 1500 euro papers .. and the central bank saves |  abroad

Grégory had the money ready to buy a car. He was doing some work in his garage. When he came back, he saw how Sally had shredded the money.

He wasn’t angry with Sally: “Not at all,” he told Belgian website RTL info. “I blamed myself for the fact that I should have been more careful.”


At first, Grégrory decided to score money together, but that was impossible. “It was a real mystery. I was happy with her all evening. Some notes I was somewhat able to salvage, but others were more damaged. I assumed I wouldn’t be able to use the money anymore.”

He sought advice from his bank and sent it to the Belgian National Bank, as the procedure at the local bank could take weeks. So he ventured the more than hour-long journey from Liege to Brussels.

Fortunately, he met the conditions to get the cash back for his torn notes: the damage was involuntary and more than half of the note is still there. “This condition is very important because otherwise the note can be exchanged twice,” National Bank spokesman Geert Syot told Belgium’s RTL Info.

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However, it was still necessary to conduct a thorough examination of the money, which took ten days, because Grégory had manipulated the money himself. “We have to be careful because cashing out is a money laundering technique,” ​​Ales Scott.

Ten days later, it was time: after his second trip to Brussels, he was allowed to take his money with him. Although he would have preferred to receive his money in cash to avoid a second car trip.

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The National Bank says it will continue to work on paper to prevent such incidents in the future. “We try to make our notes stronger and more sustainable. People often think that banknotes are made of paper, but they are actually made of cotton.”

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