A cat now also lives in the White House: her name is Willow | abroad

A cat now also lives in the White House: her name is Willow |  abroad

The White House, the residence of Joe Biden, has a new resident: Willow Froy. With that, President Biden and his wife finally have a cat.

First Lady Jill Biden’s office reported the arrival of a two-year-old cat, Willow, gray-and-white-striped, short-haired and green-eyed.

a lot of space

The name refers to Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, where Jill Biden grew up. A spokesman for Jill Biden said Willow had “a lot of room in the White House to sniff and explore.”

The first lady repeatedly told reporters that she wanted her cat to come to Washington. It is not known why this has not happened before. At a press conference in March, a reporter asked about a cat in the White House. “Where’s that cat?” Press Secretary Jen Psaki responded. “I don’t have an update on that. I know the cat will go viral on the internet when the time comes.”

In December, Biden welcomed a new dog into the family, the German Shepherd Leader, who was four months old. Their dog Champ died earlier last year. Major, a German Shepherd adopted by the family before moving to the White House, was moved after several biting incidents.

The cat made a big impression on her in 2020 when the animal jumped on a platform during the election campaign and interrupted her speech. © AP

The statement said:

“Willow lives in the White House with her favorite toys, and many places to smell and explore,” the statement said. © via Reuters

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