Who will be the new CDA leader? These names are doing the rounds

Who will be the new CDA leader?  These names are doing the rounds

Dirk Boswick

The 34-year-old Dirk Bosvik has been a member of the House of Representatives since 2021. Since then he has been an important CDA MP. He talks about the topic of nitrogen. There he was also shot at by farmers and threatened at home. He also holds the prestigious Foreign Affairs portfolio.

Boswijk comes from Woerden, has a vmbo, mbo and hbo and has a master’s degree. Founded an engineering company. Boswijk PVV voted in the 2009 European elections. He later switched to the CDA, taking a seat on the county council in 2015.

Marnix van Rigg

Marnix van Reij, 62, has been finance minister since January last year. But Van Rij is not unknown in the CDA. As a member of the CDA, he has held nearly every position an active member of the party can hold. After studying law in Leiden, he became a tax advisor and worked as a municipal councilor and alderman in Wassenaar, among others.

Van Rij gained real fame as the party’s chairman in 2001. The Christian Democratic Party led by Jaap de Hoop Scheffer performed poorly in opinion polls that year. A battle for leadership broke out between de Hoop Scheffer and Van Rigg. It resulted in the departure of both of them. In the end, Jan Peter Balkenende succeeded de Hoop Scheffer and became Prime Minister after the election.

Mona Keizer

Mona Keijzer, who has been accepted back into grace, has already been a CDA leadership candidate twice before. That was in 2012 and 2020. In 2012 I lost to Sibrand Puma, in 2020 I lost to Hugo de Jonge.

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Keijzer began her “career” at the CDA as a municipal councilor and later an alderman. In 2012 she entered the House of Representatives. In 2017, she became Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Climate in the government of Rutte III. In the same cabinet, she overturned the government’s corona policy in 2021. Having distanced herself from the corona pass in an interview with De Telegraaf, the measure was full: Kejzer was granted an “honorable discharge”.

However, she was then pressed back into the bosom of the party. She will be involved in writing the CDA electoral program for the European Parliament elections in June next year.

Hugo Young

As mentioned by the 45-year-old Hugo de Jonge, the eminent CDA. De Jonge was health minister during the coronavirus pandemic and is now interim housing minister. The pastor’s son is originally a teacher, but after various positions within the CDA, he became a Rotterdam alderman in 2010. In 2014 he was elected as Rotterdam’s Politician of the Year.

He assumed the position of Minister of Health in 2017. On Saturday evening, he described the party leadership as “illogical”. De Jonge has already held the position once. “It’s been an amazing four months.”

In 2020, De Jonge narrowly won the election for CDA party leader from former party member Pieter Omtzigt. After only a few months and a whispered campaign against De Jonge within his own party, he resigned from the post. According to de Jonge, it was impossible to merge it with the Ministry of Health during the Corona pandemic.

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Hilbert Bredmeier

The 39-year-old Hilbert Bredemer is unknown to most people outside The Hague. But he is no stranger to CDA. The father of two daughters and a son has been working as a local councilor in The Hague since 2019.

He studied communication and subsequently worked as a party functionary, spokesperson and press officer, including in the parliamentary party of the CDA.

Bredemeijer was the leader of the CDA during the municipal elections on 16 March 2022. Contrary to expectations, he avoided defeat and kept the CDA as large as in previous elections.

Bredemeijer became an education board member and in this role felt that the cabinet’s plans for near-free childcare were taking too long to come true. The municipality will make pre-school education free for more than half of the young children in The Hague.

Miriam Strong

Merjam Streck (50) has been deputy for agriculture and nature in the district of Utrecht since February last year. She succeeded Hankey Bruins Sloat, who became Home Secretary.

In Utrecht we are now waiting for a new House of Representatives. Sterk led the CDA slate in the March county council elections. It remains unclear if the CDA will rule again.

Sterk was born in Zeist into a pastor’s family. She studied theology in Utrecht and continued a church education at the University of Amsterdam. After first becoming active in the CDJA, the youth branch of her party, she was elected in 2002 as a member of the House of Representatives. It remained that way until 2012. She was, among other things, the spokesperson for integration, immigration and asylum.

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Sterk immigrated to America with her family in 2018, where she has worked as a writer, commentator, and columnist. She was present at the storming of the US Capitol in 2021.

Henry Pontenball

Often mentioned as a talent in the CDA parliamentary group, Member of Parliament Henri Buntenpaal was around the same time as Derk Boswijk. The 40-year-old Bontenbaal studied physics in Leiden. He specializes in energy policy and sustainability.

Bontenbal was previously the permanent replacement for ailing CDA MPs, but came to the room at the start of last year after CDA leader Wopke Hoekstra moved into the cabinet.

Bontenbal is a staunch advocate of nuclear energy. He made several proposals for this purpose in the room, such as building small modular reactors. He also called for a ban on the so-called loot boxes-Purchasing items in computer games, especially aimed at children.

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