What an Invention: Participants, Jury, and Gordon

What an Invention: Participants, Jury, and Gordon

Years ago, of course, you could have seen The Best Idea in Holland (last time on the tube eight years ago), but now there is a similar show: what an invention! Passionate inventors who claim to have a solution to an everyday problem: that’s the crux of this Gordon program. Find out all about What an Invention here: participants, jury and more. It can be seen since Saturday, April 29 at 9:30 PM on SBS6.

What an invention!

Within topics such as the kitchen, odd jobs, and safety, the inventors will face one professional jury and one general jury after another. The jury will consider their invention, admire them, test them and, above all, judge their invention. How it works? How big of a problem does the invention really solve? And how special is it really?

The product is in stores all over Europe

The inventors of the top six ranked inventions compete against each other in the grand finale. They compete for the final grand prize. The product is already in production and will be on Action Store shelves. Not only in the Netherlands, but all over Europe!

Participants What an invention!

We all face it from time to time: a cling film that just doesn’t go off properly. Or think of the insatiable fruit flies. A fly screen that doesn’t completely close the top window. And what do you do with that fallen brush after an afternoon of DIY? And with that kitchen step that always wiggles around when cleaning windows. A thorn in the flesh for the inventors in What an Invention! make their appearance. In the shed, attic or office, they are passionate about finding solutions. The solution offered by the participants in What an Invention ensures that these annoyances will soon be a thing of the past.

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Gordon* – who we recently saw in Dutch Down the Road – visits the participants of the Wat een Invention and learns about their world and their creative idea. The inventions are then shown by the inventors in the studio to a jury of professionals and the public, who view the inventions with a critical eye and put the inventors to the test. Does the invention actually do what it is supposed to do? Is it really something we don’t know yet? And why do we have to buy this in bulk when it’s in the store?

Jury what an invention!

The professional jury consists of What an Invention! From creator, designer and artist Ebert Draisma, Head of Purchasing Jasper Schilder of Action and a rotating familiar face in the episode’s theme. Farmer and outdoorsman Bertie Storr (outdoors and exercise – now on our farm in Europe), TV chef Berry the man* (Kitchen) security and investigations expert Marcel Van de Ven* (Security – known from Hunted), cleaning vlogger Charo Charmaine (Care), De Grote Huisverbouwing front Albert Stokers (Jobs) and Florian Nelemans (Ingenuity – you know from Je Huis Op Orde) take turns on the jury. The general jury consists of one hundred people who have relevant and experienced subject matter.

Inventions: What an invention!

From heated cheese slicer and mixer tap alarm to coffee on tap – we see it in the first episode of What an Invention! Or could it get even more crazy? Naturally. How about an automatic vacuum cleaner, a laundry rack or a removable shoe sole; I watched these inventions in the second episode. In Episode 3 of What an Invention! We get to know the sand extinguisher, the walking stick holder to the cart stopper. In the fourth episode, we see, among other things, a plant slingshot, a bicycle raincoat, and a nut picker. How about a shopping cart, a bicycle cart, or a toy glove? They were judged on the fifth episode of “What an Invention”. In Episode 6 I saw a hand sanding block, a tube size and even paint from a package.

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WINNER What an Invention 2023

Tonight (Saturday 17 June 2023) we will find out who will be the winner of Wat een Invention 2023. Then you can watch the final at 21.24. The winners of the rings compete against each other. Does the winner come from the DIY, Craftsmanship, Outdoors & Exercise, Safety, Care, or Kitchen category?

Finalists What an Invention of 2023

Curious to know which inventions were featured in the final “What an Invention?” There are six finalists, including:

  • Angelique Pfortner – Sibilo from Koog aan de Zaan with laundry rack.
  • Marissa, Joshua, and Rick from 5VWO; Students from Bonhoeffer College in Enschede don their gaming gloves
  • Jan Piet de Boer from Abbekerk with grease fire extinguisher.
  • Jan Bonck from Borcolo with his plant slingshot.

What a look of invention

What an invention! Produced according to the idea of ​​Talpa by TIN CAN and made possible in part by Action. You can watch the program weekly from Saturday 29 April at 21.30 on SBS6 and an hour later on Kijk.nl. If you want to look back (from the outside) what an invention it was, make sure you have one VPN connection You put on the Netherlands before you go to Kijk.nl. He goes.

Photo: William Rotten

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