“We have been working hard for two years until we can buy our dream home in Costa Rica”

"We have been working hard for two years until we can buy our dream home in Costa Rica"

During a three-month trip through Costa Rica, Alexandre, 28, and his girlfriend fell in love with the country. Back in the Netherlands, they decide to live cheaply, work as much as possible and earn money, so that they can emigrate to their dream country in two years.

What is so beautiful about Costa Rica that you would want to live there?
“The contrast with Holland is too great. The country is made up of 70% nature. And they don’t know about the rat race we have here. In Holland everyone wants to work, make a lot of money, everyone is busy, busy, busy. In Costa Rica It is the motto of “Pura vida”, the pure life. They use it for everything, for “hi,” “bye,” and “thank you.” They don’t care about money, they just want to have enough and then they can surf in the afternoon and relax in the evening. It affected us a lot.”

Do you want to work less while you’re out there?
“Well, we don’t want to retire and sit behind geraniums. The idea is that we buy a house there and stay there at least six months a year. That way we can work on our goals and companies in Holland and enjoy life.”

Before you get there, you will have to work hard for some time.
“Haha, yeah, that’s right. We want to save a ton and use it to buy a house in Costa Rica. Especially the land actually, and the houses themselves aren’t that expensive there. But we want to buy a whole site near the beach.”

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How will you secure as much income as possible in the near future?
“My girlfriend and I are both entrepreneurs. Of course it’s a little easier to earn than working as an employee. I’m a marketer. I now have a temporary job three days a week. I also started a company in virtual reality glasses. My friend’s company, in Refillable cosmetics, is still in the development stage. She also works as an employee for a non-profit organization. Together, we earn about 8,300 euros a month. This makes saving easier, of course.”

How much do you save now?
We both set aside 750 euros a month. We invest in stocks and startups. So we calculated, including yield, that we would save 50,000 euros over two years. And we also have some savings, so together it could amount to a ton.”

These are ambitious goals! Are you also saving for it?
“Sure. We were really shocked by the prices in the supermarket when we got back from our trip. We now go to the economy supermarket once a week and order occasionally Crisp, for really tasty things. This is of course a more expensive supermarket, but more often than not they give us a code €15 off, so it’s good again.

Are there other things to keep?
“On picnics. We used to sit on the porch with friends when the weather was nice. Then we spent 150 euros. Now we’ll sit in the garden with a few beers. That took a while to get used to, even for our friends. But, for example, we love very much for cooking. Nowadays, we often invite people to our house for dinner.

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And I think you save on your home, because you have affordable living.
“We pay 750 euros a month, including gas, water, electricity, internet and everything! We quickly looked for a place to live when we came back from Costa Rica and I found this place. Now this is perfect, because we want to save a lot. The downside is that it is squat proof, so we don’t know to How long can we stay here?”

Oh, doesn’t that make you anxious?
“It’s not so bad actually. If you had to leave, you’d hear about it a month early anyway. Our neighbors upstairs have been there for 2.5 years, so that’s a good sign. And of course we don’t want to stay here forever either.”

Wait a little longer and then you can live your dream life in Costa Rica. Can you already see that?
“Yeah, we can’t wait! I’m already fluent in Spanish, because my family lives in Spain. The nice thing is that my husband’s parents recently bought a plot of land in Costa Rica, in the same area where we want to go! Of course it would be very nice when they are so close.” .

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