Vereniging Eigen Huis discontinues cavity wall insulation due to expensive batt inspections

Vereniging Eigen Huis discontinues cavity wall insulation due to expensive batt inspections

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Homeowners association It stops immediately With the help of cavity wall insulation. The interest group does not believe it is responsible for providing the service as long as the outgoing cabinet “does not provide clarity on how to insulate cavity walls in an environmentally friendly manner in the short term”. Members can hire an approved company at a discount through Eigen Huis.

The reason for the decision is a decision by the State Council that insulation companies must better monitor the presence of bats and other endangered species. Inspection with a camera is not enough, places where the animal can hide for a long time must be monitored.

The cost of a nature check is around €5,000, which makes insulating an ordinary house four times more expensive. Moreover, it leads to months of delay, because the environmentalist has to inspect the house at different times during the year. In addition, there are too few experts to meet the demand.


“This also means that the sustainability of poorly insulated homes will slow down significantly and energy consumption – and therefore the bill – will not decrease,” warned Cindy Kramer, director of VEH. He added, “We are concerned about this as winter approaches and the price ceiling disappears.”

“It is not easy for us to make the Netherlands more sustainable,” agrees Piet-Jan Dijkstra from Finnen, the trade association for insulation companies. He calls Eigen Huis’s decision a shame, but he understands the reasons.

Unfulfilled ambitions?

Dijkstra has previously warned that due to stricter environmental regulations, the government’s ambition to insulate an additional two million homes by 2030 will not be met. “It will take at least 5 years before we can map the entire Netherlands. What will you do in the meantime?”

Homeowners also don’t want to pay the extra costs, he says. “We did a study on this, and 97% of people said, ‘Then I won’t make my house more sustainable.’”

Homeowners association He defends him Municipalities become more involved in this process. Natural hazards can then be assessed at the area level. Hence further research is only necessary in certain places, for example, plastic panels can be placed to keep bats away from walls.

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