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Valve has released a major content update for Team Fortress 2. The update adds fourteen community-created maps and twenty unusual effects to the game, among other things. This is the first major content update for the game since 2017’s Jungle Inferno.

The biggest part of update Consists of community-developed Steam Workshop creations. Earlier this year, Valve announced a content update and then invited users to submit content. In addition to fourteen maps, the update includes 25 cosmetic items available through the 2023 Summer War Cosmetic Bag, six new taunts, twelve unusual hat effects, eight unusual taunt effects, and ten war paints available through the 2023 Summer War Paint Bag. All new content is created by community members and can be purchased or won through the TF2 Market or Steam’s loot box system.

In addition to cosmetic content and new maps, the update also includes some technical improvements. For example, Valve talks about unspecified improvements to the competitive shooter’s security and stability. Several minor bug fixes have also been implemented.

The Team Fortress 2 Summer 2023 Update is available as of this writing and will be installed automatically when the game launches. The corresponding summer event has also kicked off and will run until September 15th.

Team Fortress 2 still regularly receives a small bug fix update, but a 2007 game rarely gets major content updates these days. However, the shooter has a very active community and is still one of the most played games on the Valve Steam gaming platform. The game has been struggling with an ongoing bot issue for a long time, which the player base under the #SaveTF2 campaign is trying to bring attention to.

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