Top 4 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#37, 2023)

Top 4 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#37, 2023)

Make music, see if you’re feeling really good and defeat enemies in the arena. These are the best Android apps and games of the week.

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1. Roto power

Do you want a game that is fun and fundamentally simple but chaotic and challenging? Then Roto Force is the right choice for you. Your goal in this game is to defeat dozens of opponents in a specific shaped arena. There is a choice of different weapons. From bomb to automatic pistol.

To use these weapons optimally, you also have to make the most of the shape of the level. The controls of Roto Force are simple and the game is designed in 8-bit style. Good to know: You can start for free and see if you like the gameplay. I listen!

2. Odedo

Tele2 and T-Mobile users can’t miss this: Your service provider has a new name, Odido. We will not explain to you what a name change entails, because you would be better off reading our previous article. But with the new name comes a new app.


We recommend installing this new application. There you will find all your account details, see how much data you have left and, if necessary, choose a new subscription at Odido prices. You will also find a chatbot here that answers your questions and you will find a lot of offers on gadgets.

3. Rythmus

Are you a musician or do you like challenging puzzles? Then take a look at Rytmos. This mobile game combines both elements into a challenging game. Go through mazes of tunes while puzzling. You can unlock some music for each part of the level. Think bass, melody, or rhythm.

Rytmos Mobile launch trailer

By passing levels, you can expand your collection of albums and unlock musical instruments. Then you come up with a new beat to play over your music. This musical puzzle mix is ​​definitely worth a try!

4. Finch

With good mental health, you feel better about yourself. Therefore mental health has become increasingly open to discussion recently. If you notice that you’re having trouble processing unpleasant thoughts, try Finch.


With this digital pet, you can feel better. It may seem childish at first, but by taking care of your digital pet, you will also learn to stay calm. This way you can set goals to stop habits, control your breathing and gain insight into your health.

Finch: A pet that takes care of itself

Finish Care Company for Public Benefit

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