Tino Martin drunk???

Tino Martin drunk???

A genie emerges from a bottle of Bacardi

Equally important and weighty charming news in these dark times of cabinet crisis because the young boy was furious with budget Gordon Tino Martin with Bacardi muil when juice channels accused him of standing on stage with 10 pacos in his goal. For those who don’t know Tino Martini: Tino Martin, whose real name is Eduard Kattenberg, is a folk singer with very high Bass Smit and Nicolette van Dam content. For those who don’t know Bas Smit, this is a flap turd with a very high percentage of Winston Gerschwnantannwotiz content. For those who don’t know Winston Gerschhwhwintsz, this is the presenter of the show with very high content Arnie Albers. For those who don’t know Arnie Albers, this is Reinout Oerlemans with very high John de Mol content, John de Mol is the father of Johnny de Mol, who, like Bas Smit, has very fab content, and Nicolette Van Damme then is another Truus Which bumps behind everything, kind of Gaby Blaaser with less string, and Gaby Blaaser is another idiot Sylvia Geersen and that’s again Kim Feenstra that’s kind of Famke Louise that’s kind of a sixteen-year-old Annie MJ Schmidt with a speech impediment . Now it will be clear. Well, Tino Martin is always as wet as a wet sponge. This is of course not bad at all, “we” don’t spit on it either, but Edutino seems to take it 12.5 kilos per half hour Hence, it is good not to immediately go behind the curtains to the acquired Bacardi rat. His girlfriend, Kimmegie, is searching for answers. “According to Kimberly, something is playing in the singer’s “head”. ,, It’s not because he thinks: I’ll drink and then I’ll perform. This is not thinking at allWell, we think he is. He’s a pretty healthy drink addict. Cheers!


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