This is what Princess Beatrix’s second day in Curaçao looked like

This is what Princess Beatrix's second day in Curaçao looked like

Princess Beatrix will be in the Caribbean islands of Curaçao and Aruba from November 7-10. On the second day of her visit to Curacao, the Princess visited a community garden where she helped with the planting process.

Princess Beatrix had an active first day in Curaçao. Yesterday’s agenda included a visit to Savonette’s country house, a walk through the Chiti Puka National Park and a musical performance by the children’s choir under the direction of opera singer Tanja Kross. Would you like to re-read yesterday at your leisure? This is possible here.

Princess Beatrix in Curaçao: Day 2

Princess Beatrix also had a full program on Wednesday. In the morning the princess started visiting the community garden. Through the Hòfinan Ser’i Otrobanda initiative, Fundashon Ser’i Otrobanda has established community gardens in the Otrobanda district of Willemstad to promote self-reliance and healthy eating habits for local residents. Locals can grow their own fruits and vegetables in these gardens. This is nice and healthy, but also very convenient. This project is supported by the Orange Fund.

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Green fingers

Princess Beatrix admired these gardens today. She herself loves gardening. So it’s no surprise that the princess rolled up her sleeves and offered a helping hand. It led to these beautiful images.

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Help Princess Beatrix grow new fruits and vegetables in the garden.


Princess Beatrix speaks with a volunteer.

Walk through a nature reserve

After her visit to the communal garden, Princess Beatrix visited the St. Mary Hermanus Countryside Nature Reserve, where a bridge between the two nature reserves was built in 2021 at the initiative of the royal family. Beatrix received an explanation about all the types of animals and coral that live here. I also released a bird into the wild.

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Beatrix Curacao Nature Reserve

Beatrix Nature Reserve 2

In the evening, Princess Beatrix had dinner with the Governor of Curaçao, Lucile Georg Wout. The dinner was held at the Palace in Amsterdam Fort and was the last item on the day’s agenda.

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Beatrix ruler dinner

Beatrix Gouvenor2

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Photos: Afghan National Police

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