This is how warm and sunny July is

This is how warm and sunny July is

Does it rain often or many days at the beach? Photos: Tania (left) and Jenny Westra (right).

July is approaching the holiday month. Can we expect a lot of sun and summer to tropical heat, just like in June? Or will summer benefit from a different barrel in July? You can read it in this monthly forecast for July 2023.

July begins with Dutch summer weather, similar to what we see in the last week of June. The temperature is in the normal level with a maximum of about 20-25 degrees. This makes the weather great for being outside. There are good sunny periods interspersed with cumulonimbus clouds. And every now and then there is a shower or a rain zone that passes over our country.

So keep both sunscreen and our precipitation radar handy. In July, the days are still very long, and the sun’s strength 6-7 is often expected in sunny weather. Unprotected skin can burn in 10-30 minutes.

On the second weekend of July, schools in the Central District are the first to start summer holidays. From then on, the chance of summer temperatures rising by 25 degrees and more increases slightly, but otherwise seems to remain variable with a mixture of clouds, sun, rain or thunderstorm. Great weather for an active holiday in our country, but really hot days at the beach will have to wait a while.

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The second half of July increases the chance of beach weather

Dutch summer weather may give way to sunnier and warmer weather in the second half of July. It is not certain, but the chances of rain are decreasing and the weather is likely to be warmer than usual. There are no signs yet of extreme heat with temperatures of 35 degrees and more, but the chance of beach days with summer to tropical heat is increasing. Do you like going to the beach or the pool? Then you can hope for some nice beach days in the second half of July.

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Thunderstorms may still come to us every now and then in the second half of July. The amount of precipitation can vary greatly from one place to another. If there are no showers for a longer period, the drought will increase again.

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