This big PlayStation game is now a movie, too

This big PlayStation game is now a movie, too

Daniel Richtman, a film industry insider who often breaks the news, has announced that FromSoftware and Sony Pictures will be working on a film adaptation of the popular PlayStation game. Bloodborne.

According to Richtman, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Darren Lemke will be attached to the project as producers, but there is no information yet on the director.

Horrible creatures
The game takes place in the post-apocalyptic gothic city of Yharnam. The residents of this city face a terrible disease that turns them into monsters.

The main character Hunter must find the source of this plague and unravel the mystery while fighting terrifying monsters and cosmic creatures.

Elite title
The 2015 title is one of them Evil spirits– And Al-Din ringSoftware product. It is one of two titles released exclusively for PlayStation to date (the other being Demon souls).

Bloodborne It is considered by many hardcore gamers to be one of the best games of all time. It sold two million copies in its first year, won numerous awards and received a Metacritic rating of 92/100.

Why now suddenly?
PlayStation doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore Bloodborne This has been done since the title’s release in 2015, so this announcement comes completely unexpected.

It was announced last summer that Sony had acquired a 14.1% stake in FromSoftware and that Sony wanted to turn more and more of its franchises into movies. So this news may have something to do with that.

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