The World’s Most Beautiful Women Visit AZC: ‘I’ll Basically Listen’

Omroep Brabant

1/3 Miss Norway does a make-up for a young Aztec woman in Bodel (Photo: Alice van der Plaas)

In 2015, they are still participating in the Miss Universe contest, but on Sunday afternoon, the women visited the Asylum Seekers Center (AZC) in Boudl. Although the previous nine audiences had never heard of Poodle. So all the publicity surrounding the asylum seekers center has completely overtaken her. “Actually,” says Miss Singapore Lisa White. We are not familiar with the refugee phenomenon. We don’t have them.”

Profile photo of Alice van der Plas

However, she hopes to cheer up a group of about forty teenage girls who live on the azc in Boudl.

“We want to convey that if you work hard, you can make a life for yourself.”

“Many of the women in our group also come from difficult backgrounds. There is no comparison, but I would like to bring them some hope. And we love to encourage diversity. We want to convey that if you work hard, you can make a life for yourself.”

The Nine Crowds, of course, are not without reason. They get along well, and so they hold a get-together every year with a social theme. “We like to keep in touch with each other and travel to a new country.”

This year Holland was on the programme, but has been missing Holland since then. There are women from Indonesia, El Salvador, Portugal, Guyana, Mauritius, Croatia, Norway, Singapore and Belgium.

“We are a rich country, but we can’t take care of them properly.”

“We participated in Las Vegas,” says Miss Belgium, Annelise Torres. “A very famous version, because the presenter mentioned the wrong one, so you may still remember it.” Anneliese live closer all bugs. “But I’ve never been to this area.”

She sees the same problems here in azc as in belgium. “All the centers for asylum seekers there are full,” she says. We are a rich country, but we can’t really take care of them. We have to do it better. Invest more and hire more employees.

“I always feel confident when I wear makeup. It helps your confidence.”

All crowds are socially engaged, but the afternoon should be fun and festive. Firstly, there is a fun dance even with the polonaise. “We do this first to relax the kids,” says Lisa. Then the makeup brushes come out and the clothes are chosen. To end the afternoon with a real fashion show.

“We will teach them how to apply beautiful makeup,” says Lisa. “I always feel so confident when I’m wearing makeup. It helps your confidence. Girls can take some time for themselves. I’ll basically listen to them rather than speak for myself. I want to give them the chance to tell their story.”

“It’s nice that the fans are here. It’s so beautiful!”

Crowds gaze in admiration at the long black hair sticking out from under a Syrian girl’s headscarf. She says she has been living in AZC for the past 19 months. “But now we finally have the view of a house. Luckily I didn’t get too bored. I just went to school. But I’m very happy if we can go into a house.”

She hasn’t had any makeup or clothing advice yet. “But it’s great that the fans are here. They are so beautiful.” She smiles after being complimented by Miss Belgium. “Your clothes and makeup are already great, and you don’t have to do anything about it.”

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