The talent of 22-year-old violinist Daniel Luzakovic is incredible

The talent of 22-year-old violinist Daniel Luzakovic is incredible

Wow, on Saturday evening, the Concertgebouw Hall in Amsterdam was barely two-thirds full. So, the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra is playing a program that seems like a suitable option to keep the shrinking entertainment budget in your wallet for a while: Ligeti’s conceptually interesting but short program Ambiance And Richard Strauss’ mouth temperature is sensational Zarathustra also spokeBoth are also well known from Kubrick’s film 2001: A space journey. It will go to Max Brooks Violin ConcertoBut the violinist’s name is relatively unknown and the orchestra doesn’t really tour with him. His picture is not on the poster, but that of former commander Mark Albrecht. But let’s face it: in the depths of the Lorenzo Viotti era, who is Marc Albrecht again?

No, the fact that 22-year-old Daniil Lozakovic is not being expressed as having great pride is completely wrong. The talent of the young violinist is incredible.

Luzakovic quietly descends the high stairs of the Concertgebouw. So quietly, in fact, that Albrecht has to do his best not to pass him on the right. It turns out to be a harbinger: he maintains this peace while playing. Although being comfortable certainly doesn’t mean being helpless. He convinces with clear, rational and well-thought-out strokes, which contrast beautifully with his patent leather boots that glide along the ground when swiping left and right. Only his tremolos, especially in the first movement, were somewhat present; More than an essential ingredient of spice.

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It is almost non-existent

The orchestra, especially the woodwind section, has problems starting after Ligeti’s solo parts. The first Tuttis are a bit mystical and unclear. But this is mainly at the beginning; In this beautifully slow sequel, the players regroup. When Luzakovic really begins to tell the story with his violin, the opera orchestra transitions into opera mode. And then it does what this orchestra can do better than any other: it’s almost nonexistent. It sinks beautifully, and plays quietly, giving the soloist plenty of room to carry. Every now and then, Luzakovich can’t resist the extended bed so much that he doesn’t seem to want to get out of it. But when he comes out, he’s awake and ready for the next musical.

In Strauss Zarathustra also spoke Transparency here and there in the highest voices is again a problem, but the woodwinds show themselves at their best with wonderful solos. Second encore “Dance of the Seven Veils” from the opera SalomeIt seems so good to have him on the show as a surprise. Just think about that on the poster: it makes the party a lot tastier than you’d expect based on the promised setlist.

Repeat this ceremony on Monday. As of this writing, Sunday, there are still a surprising number of tickets on sale. If I were you, I’d go.

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