The number of young workers suffering from burnout is increasing, especially women

The number of young workers suffering from burnout is increasing, especially women
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One in four workers between the ages of 18 and 34 experience burnout complaints. This is evidenced by the National Survey of Working Conditions conducted by the research agency TNO and the Central Statistical Office.

There was a particular increase among young women who suffered from significant complaints of fatigue. Of this group, 25 percent faced complaints in 2020, and last year that percentage rose to 29.

Furthermore, the survey showed that the severity of fatigue complaints experienced is increasing. People with middle and higher education in particular indicate that they face more complaints.

This increase is particularly noticeable in the healthcare and education sectors. The group of employees with few or no burnout complaints in these two sectors has become increasingly smaller in recent years. The relatively stable sectors are agriculture, construction, industry, administration, transportation and catering.

In 2021, there was a significant increase in complaints of burnout and absenteeism due to psychological complaints in the IT sector. According to TNO, this is due to “rapid changes in work due to Corona.”

Performance pressure and constant accessibility

Since 2015, TNO and CBS have investigated trends in burnout complaints among young employees at the request of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.

Focus groups examined the underlying reasons for complaints. This indicates that performance pressure, constant accessibility and financial uncertainty play a major role.

“There is a lot of pressure on young people to do well from an early age: healthy eating, sports, social life, buying a house, nice furnishings, social media, keeping up with news and developments in this field, reading books and hobbies,” one participant was quoted as saying.

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