The mother of a US school shooter faces 15 years in prison in court

The mother of a US school shooter faces 15 years in prison in court

Crombley was 15 when he opened fire on the school in Oxford, a suburb of Detroit, two years ago. The boy has now been sentenced to life imprisonment. Now it’s about the parents.

Mental problems

They bear responsibility in part because, according to justice, they could have prevented the shooting. “Jennifer Crombley may not have pulled the trigger, but she is responsible for those deaths,” the prosecutor said.

Because the boy had mental problems and spoke of violence. However, his parents gave him a gun as a gift. That was four days before the shooting.

The teacher sounded the alarm

On November 30th specifically, parents were called to the school because the teacher did not trust what was happening and raised the alarm. But they left their son at school. “On November 30, Jennifer Crombley still had the opportunity to prevent these murders,” the prosecutor said. “But it didn’t do anything.”

According to the judiciary, the parents were aware of their son’s condition, and therefore they had to intervene. But according to her lawyer, the mother is not responsible: “The evidence will show that Jennifer Crumbley did the best she could as a mother, and that she never knew what was going to happen.”

Ethan’s mother is the first to stand trial. The trial for Ethan’s father, James, will begin in March. He bought the gun with the boy. Parents can get 15 years in prison.

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