The Labor Party is already celebrating, but the real substance is yet to come

The Labor Party is already celebrating, but the real substance is yet to come
Party members at the conference center in Liverpool

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  • Fleur Lonsbach

    UK and Ireland correspondent

  • Fleur Lonsbach

    UK and Ireland correspondent

He’s busy with the Labor Party conference in Liverpool which starts today. The British business community expects a Labor government to be on the way, and has already begun to oppose the new authority.

Suddenly left-wing parliamentarians are being bombarded with business calling cards. In the bars surrounding the conference site, lobbyists chat loudly. The labor leaders in the conference room are seen as… celebrities I chased. Even extreme conservatives Spectator magazine She is holding her famous VIP party at this year’s Labor Party conference.

There is already talk within the Labor Party about when they will soon come to power – not whether they will get there. Poll after poll, the opposition party is inspiring confidence: Labor has been leading by around 20 percentage points over current Prime Minister Sunak’s Conservatives for months.

The Conservatives have lost it

Unlike high In Labour’s stead, the Conservatives held their sombre annual conference last week. After thirteen years in power in a very turbulent period – from Brexit to Covid and last year’s political chaos – ideas have dried up and time appears to have run out. The voter feels this way: nearly 9 in 10 Britons believe the country needs new leadership.

There is no content yet

You could say: Labor leader Keir Starmer is an open target. But you can also slide in there. So far, the party has sat back and watched the Tories blow themselves up: from Partygate under Boris Johnson to economic chaos under the shortest-serving Prime Minister of all, Liz Truss.

But what plans Keir Starmer has for the country Good It will lead to better times, and it has not yet taken shape for the voter. How will he control the high costs of living? How will the party remove the waiting list of 7 million healthcare patients? Although Labor has the wind behind it, there are no real plans for the future.

Until recently, Keir Starmer remained silent on Brexit, for fear of antagonizing voters in northern England. However, he recently stated that he would like a “better relationship and more cooperation” with the EU. But whether he has an investment plan for the impoverished north, where deserted villages, boarded-up shop windows and bankrupt towns were often the basis for Brexit votes, remains unclear.

Labor leader Keir Starmer at the conference in Liverpool

It is not just the demise of the Conservative Party that is paving the way for Labour: the collapse of the Scottish National Party is also helping. The Scottish National Party, which had long dominated Scotland, lost its image after the resignation of “Queen of Scots” Nicola Sturgeon. This provides electoral opportunities for Labour, as was evident last week during the by-election in the Glasgow South constituency. Labor easily beat the SNP there.

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Starmer spoke frankly about his three-stage plan to return Labor to power after 13 years in opposition. The first: eliminating the extreme left wing of the Party and pulling the Labor Party towards the center. Second: Pointing out to the voter the failure of the Conservative government. Third: Providing convincing alternative policies.

As for the latter: the voter saw only a little of it.

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