The farmers at Horne’s Greek restaurant have to go: ‘More and more atmosphere is disappearing from the city’

The farmers at Horne's Greek restaurant have to go: 'More and more atmosphere is disappearing from the city'

Officials from the municipality of Hoorn recently informed Zorba the Greek restaurant that the plantings in front of the terrace must be removed by January 1, 2024. The restaurant owner and politicians in Hoorn reacted with surprise to this decision. “More and more of the atmosphere is disappearing from the city.”

picture: Surprise in the Horn: Greek restaurant growlers should disappear next year – WEEFF

There are currently three mobile barriers in place in front of the restaurant on Kleine Noord in Hoorn. The platforms have Greek images and some flower pots or planters on top. “This allows our visitors to be more protected from the street,” says owner Mariska. “A week ago, two municipal officials walked into our restaurant and told us that no trash cans will be allowed next year.”

However, this announcement does not come as a complete surprise to the owners of Zorba Restaurant. “Businessmen at Kirkplein Square in Hoorn and at the port were previously told that they were no longer allowed to place containers in front of the terrace,” explains Mariska further. “It seems that everything that is beautiful must disappear. You think you can decorate it beautifully with blue and pictures of Greece.”

Many praise from customers and tourists

“It is not that we have received complaints from customers or other businessmen on the street,” she continues. “We receive a lot of compliments, and tourists often take pictures of the decor.” Alternatively, from 2024, the restaurant in Hoorn may install planters no higher than 90cm in height. “But that provides less shelter than there is now.”

The owners have not yet appealed the decision, but are considering sending a letter to the municipality. They do this when they receive an official letter about the funds. “We’ll wait and see. Today we’ll be potting new winter plants. Hopefully they’ll be able to stay for a while.”

Council factions in Horn write a letter to the council

Two local parties in Hoorn, DRP and Hart van Hoorn, just like the Greek restaurant owners, do not understand why the boxes will be removed next year. “To our knowledge, there is currently no regulation in place. The old grandstand policy expired on March 23. After that, we have not seen any new regulation,” they say.

So they sent a letter to the mayor and local council members. DRP and Hart Van Horn wonder why the decision was made to remove the boxes. The two parties said: “They contribute to creating an enjoyable atmosphere, especially for visitors to our city. We hope that the municipality will be prepared to enter into discussions with the businessmen concerned in order to reach an appropriate solution.”

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