The Creator of The Settlers Shows First In-Game Trailer for New Town Builder – Gaming News

I must say that after watching the attached YouTube video, I came to the same conclusion as DrVic. I’ve only played parts 2, 3, and 4 of the Settlers series so I can’t “judge” the sequels, but if you look up pictures of the parts I’ve played via image search, you’ll immediately see that each part has its own unique character and style.

The generic-looking, cartoonish landscape with no real (art)style of its own makes everything in this trailer feel, in my eyes, like something put together on the fly. Especially if you compare it to what was already possible in the field (Banished and Anno) and at first glance I think Dwarf Fortress has a nicer, more unique and unique art style than what can be seen in the trailer so far. I can’t quite put it down but it gives me a Nintendo Switch vibe mixed with some Ni No Kuni (minus the Studio Ghibli touch). When I see various screenshots with landscapes come to mind, many games from which these images can originate also come to mind. Where I see potential for it to improve slightly is when I see the numbers are still around 1:26.

All in all, a lot of attitude about style, but if this game has the gameplay I know from previous Settlers games, Exiles or anything else good, then the graphics are ultimately an afterthought. So I hope they put these parts together correctly. In terms of the gameplay itself, I think the information I’ve read so far is too limited to pass a judgment on. I’ll keep an eye on it, it will definitely be on my watch/to follow list, but you still have to warm it up and coax it a bit before buying it later. We’ll see….because this is still pre-alpha now.

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