The Catching Some Z event in Pokémon GO starts today

The Catching Some Z event in Pokémon GO starts today

Today it’s time for Catching Some Z’s event. While Pokémon GO Plus+ won’t be here until next week, we’ve already started celebrating the event. Below you can see what you can expect from the event:

  • The Catching Some Z event runs from July 15th 10am to July 16th 8pm
  • Komala enters the game for the first time
  • Snorlax with sleeping cap enters through special research and can be shiny
    • You’ll only get this special quest if you connect Pokémon GO Plus+ to your phone (you can Buy here)
  • The following Pokemon are more common in the wild:
    • jigglypuff *
    • the lesson *
    • Druze *
    • Snorlax* (normal)
    • Suspicious *
    • Tediursa *
    • slackoth*
    • wollow
    • Mona *
    • kumala
  • There are special raids
  • Snorlax Pattern Night hat runs free for your avatar
  • You can buy the Snorlax Onesie
  • Private labels are available

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