The Asser Tokkel hiker has his own place in De Nieuwe Kolk


Robert Willem Emker, known as Tawakkal, appears in the film De Nieuwe Kolk. This afternoon, an artwork about Assen’s most famous traveler was unveiled in the theater hall.

Tokil was once a talented guitarist, but fell on hard times and then wandered into downtown Asser. He died in 2001 at the age of 52. The artists Antje Steele and George Manack knew Tawkil well, and last year they came up with the idea of ​​immortalizing him in a joint work.

“We found suitable images of him through the Drenthe archives,” says Manak. “Then Antje started drawing him.” “I later made him a guitar because he was a talented guitarist. That’s a better way to honor him than him being a bum.”

The artwork was initially hung in the hall at the Stel. “But we thought he should get a better place,” Steele said. “Because everyone knows Tawakkol, he is Assen’s DNA. Everyone loved this man.” “So we got a bit crazy and eventually contacted De Nieuwe Kolk.”

The theater welcomed the artwork with open arms. “Tawakil is of course a very eye-catching person in Assen. This is the place where all Assen residents are welcomed throughout the day and where we can tell Tawakil’s story beautifully through this artwork,” says Hanneke Brugmann, DNK Director.

So Tawakkol returns home for a bit, because he was already playing with his band at the old De Kolk Theater.

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