The 49ers are cautiously optimistic that Jimmy Garoppolo avoided an injury to Lisfranc

Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers

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49ers already lost Tri Lance. Now, they won’t have it Jimmy Garoppolo rest of the way.

Garoppolo is out for the season due to a broken left foot.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan delivered some hopeful news Monday: Doctors don’t believe the quarterback has a Lisfranc injury.

Shanahan was reluctant to commit because Garoppolo was still getting tests and visiting podiatrists. Garoppolo will require surgery to repair the fracture.

That’s why they’re still trying to work through it,” Shanahan said via David Bonilla of “They were talking about it a lot last night, but they seem to be starting to think it isn’t [LisFranc]. That’s good news, but it’s definitely not done yet. Some specialist has to finish it, so we don’t want to give you guys any wrong information. But they discuss all of these things. We feel it’s starting to get better than that, so we’ll see when we get the official information.”

If it wasn’t Lisfranc’s injury, it meant a quick recovery for Garoppolo. However, that wouldn’t mitigate the disappointment of finishing the season on injured reserve once again.

“It’s a big deal,” Shanahan said. “It hurts. But it was good to see him today acting so positive and to be able to embrace him and all the players see him because his journey starts coming back from this, which won’t be a problem. He’ll come back no problem. Football is tough. A lot of these guys have had injuries.” Serious before. When they do, it’s overwhelming. I can look back on myself and remember my big injuries, whether it was college or high school, and you’d think the world was over, but then you learn that’s part of the sport and you start to have a plan to get back Qualify and go attack it and prepare for the next opportunity.”

The 49ers are dropping to the third pedestal Brooke Purdy as a start for them.

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