Take a break before you pay and ask for a second opinion: This is how you get the most out of your sale | fashion

Take a break before you pay and ask for a second opinion: This is how you get the most out of your sale |  fashion

It’s not at all surprising that the sale at Zara has been going on for days common Because who doesn’t get excited about a good sale right before the holidays? But how can you make the best use of clearance and protect yourself from bad buys? Journalist Evgi Omen (from MezzeThe Dress Code column contains nine tips. “Take a one-minute break before you push.”

Yes, some are immune to box office deals, but most of us sure aren’t, right? As soon as the letters “SALE” (capital letters, always uppercase) flash, shine and splatter somewhere, something essential comes out of us. The best thing can be summed up in one word: compactness.

Still, I think it’s crazy — and scary — that “50 percent off” stickers can lead to even the most brutal of scenes. Customers who grab all sizes at once (because you can resell them on Vinted), customers who don’t bother putting clothes back on the shelves anymore, customers who squabble over a box of discount underwear.

Can I offer some advice? To survive this tempting June sale at Zara and all those other stores, to keep each other in one piece and find something nice?

The word sell leads to our tendency to hoard. Here Irma Slice demonstrates “hoarding” in sign language. © NOS

1). I love tile wisdom, so let’s start with “look before you jump,” in other words: dip into your wardrobe before you sell out. What is missing, what do you have too much? Buy only what you need. (And no, no one benefits from a plain 25 white T-shirt—not even you.)

2). Buy not hip dresses, but basics that last a long time. Good jeans that used to cost 200 euros and now 100? Great deal. Basic jacket from an upscale brand at 40 percent off: Ditto. Don’t: Things that are so trendy, trendy, and outlandish that you’ll get bored of them tomorrow.

3). Storage: sports equipment. Less prone to fashion, long lasting. (I once managed to buy three expensive sports bras for a great price; I’m still glad I did.)

4). I’ve come to my next point: If you come across a favorite piece of clothing from that favorite brand on sale, feel free to buy more copies. (It can never be a bad buy).

5). Sale: It’s also a good time to buy extra swimwear. You can never have enough of that in the summer and some very expensive (at regular price) swimming gear.

Breathe in, exhale, think, think again

6). My main tip: take it with you Shopping fun Always bring a friend/partner/colleague with a sober head. Sure, you’re absolutely smitten with that orange sweater with those cut-outs and butterfly sleeves, but does your shopping buddy share your admiration? no? hang back. (Also with online shopping: get a second opinion).

7). And no, we don’t stock up on things to “resell at Vinted someday”, because a) we don’t have the strength and time for that and b) our wardrobe is already full and c) we’re not going to contribute in any way to the huge textile mountain that’s already choking the world.

8). Take a one-minute break before standing in the (virtual) checkout line. Breathe in, exhale, think, think again. Do you really need this whole shopping cart (see 1)?

9). Always check if you can return sales items. It is often not allowed in small shops and boutiques; be more selective there.

Prices keep going up, but are we any less happy if we can buy less? (video):

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