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Hue bulb users will be required to create an account in the future. Without such an account, it is no longer possible to use the Hue Bridge and the app on a local network only, and it is no longer possible to control the lights without such an account.

Tinge This confirms X After users received a recent update for Hue Bridge. Matter support was added, among other things, but users also saw a warning when updating. The update screen says: “Hue accounts were created to improve the security of your system. You should sign in soon.”

in Different response Hue also says it’s no longer possible to continue using Hue without an account. It’s not just about lighting, it’s about all Hue products like security systems. Hui points out that Through the support page. Although the company says it does not sell user data to third parties, it collects telemetry data itself. Additionally, users must opt ​​out of marketing communications when creating an account.

Hue says it requires users to use accounts because it “improves security.” “As the number of features we develop increases, so does the need for more advanced security.” The company says. It refers to the ability to add two-factor authentication, add new users to accounts, and remove user permissions. a company He also says And that this way, “attackers cannot enter your home.” this is not true; Requesting a cloud connection actually creates a new attack vector for many users.

The Hue bulbs and Hue Bridge have a Zigbee controller. This makes it possible to connect the lights to bridges or other controllers for local communication, for example via Home Assistant or other smart home platforms.

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Hue has long been known in the smart home world as one of the biggest players making local control of home automation possible. By only accessing smart home devices via a cloud connection, users run the risk of older equipment stopping working at all after a while.

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