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I expect it will only come to the S24 Ultra. Why? Well, Qualcomm already has this, in the Snapdragon 8 gen2 it was optional and the network will go into production at the end of this year, in collaboration with Iridium (an excellent satellite network by the way). Qualcomm already has all of this January Shows an entire mountain Journalists head to the desert To try it :) With the Snapdragon 8 gen3, it will become standard functionality, although, as far as I know, you still need to install the appropriate power amplifier and antenna to power it, so it’s not something every Snapdragon 8 gen3 device automatically supports (only since the US models don’t have the same The range of frequencies found in our phones). No doubt the device manufacturer will also have to pay for this, although I have no idea about that.

But… the S24 and S24+ won’t have Snapdragon, only the S24 Ultra. The S24 and S24+ both get Exynos again.

To also support this in Exynos, Samsung has to do two things:
– Build your own satellite modem
– Concluding a deal with a satellite network

Nothing further about this has been heard in the rumours, while they could simply use Qualcomm for Snapdragon functionality. They kept the function limited to their most expensive devices, which stimulated sales.

Anyway, we’ll see, this is just my speculation. But the reality is that simply adopting Snapdragon functionality is a “quick win,” while building that functionality into Exynos will take more effort.

I currently have an iridium communicator, but I hope I can do without it one day since I only use it occasionally. But I don’t see this happening from Samsung at the moment because I think such an Ultra device is too big.

Note: There is also a Starlink link”directly to the cell“The upcoming feature does not require any hardware modifications, but unlike most satellite networks like GlobalStar, Iridium and Inmarsat, which have a deal with a specific manufacturer (Apple, Qualcomm and Bullitt/Motorola respectively), Starlink focuses on operators in each country, so I don’t expect a deal with Samsung to result from this.

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