Russia regards ships bound for Ukraine as a war party • “Prigozhin addresses Wagner soldiers in Belarus”

Russia regards ships bound for Ukraine as a war party • "Prigozhin addresses Wagner soldiers in Belarus"

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are trying to negotiate a deal with the Kremlin to return Ukrainian orphans taken to Russia. that reports financial times.

Children without adoptive parents were placed on Russian-language websites, with the goal of finding a place for them with their Russian parents. The children were kidnapped from Ukraine or were already in an orphanage.

According to the Ukrainian government, more than 19,000 children have been brought to Russia illegally. Researchers at Yale University found no fewer than 6,000 children.

The Kremlin denies the kidnapping of children and says the children were taken for their safety.

The International Criminal Court considers deportation a war crime and has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Ombudsman for Children of the practice. An international arrest warrant was also issued against them in this regard.

According to the financial times He has been working on a solution for months under the leadership of Türkiye and Saudi Arabia. The newspaper spoke to four sources working on this potential deal about the Ukrainian children who were transferred.

As part of the mediation process, Ukraine and Russia are drawing up a list to identify homeless children.

Wian Slendebroek

Read profiles here De VolkskrantJournalists Fleur de Werd, Peter Sabel and Laura Hogenrad gave birth to children from Luhansk who were put up for adoption on a Russian-language site.

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