Rudy Giuliani goes to jail in Georgia

Rudy Giuliani goes to jail in Georgia
Giuliani in Atlanta jail

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Rudy Giuliani, former attorney for former President Donald Trump, turned himself in to an Atlanta, Georgia prison.

The lawyer and former New York mayor is being tried in Georgia with Trump and 17 others for a criminal conspiracy to manipulate the results of the presidential election. Trump has insisted since the 2020 election that he is the winner, not Biden, claims for which no evidence has ever been found.

Six of the suspects had previously turned themselves in to the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. All suspects have until Friday afternoon at 12:00 local time to report to the prison. Trump is expected to be there tomorrow.

‘I feel so good’

Giuliani, 79, is accused of leading Trump’s efforts to manipulate local officials in Georgia and other states where Biden won by narrow margins to bypass the will of voters.

He is suspected of making false statements, soliciting perjury, and inciting local officials to breach the oath they have taken of their office.

Giuliani says he did nothing wrong in helping Trump publicize allegations of election fraud.

“I’m going to go to Georgia and I feel really good because I feel like I’m standing up for the rights of all Americans,” Giuliani said as he left his apartment in New York for Atlanta.

After posting $150,000 bail, Giuliani was released from prison. He is not allowed to contact the 18 defendants or witnesses in the case.

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