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A player’s flashlight has already been included in Quake 2 RTX since v1.7.0 update via console command “bind toggle cl_flashlight”. be seen: https://store.steampowere…/view/6205439247176436658

To clear up some misinformation here: @gast128 The Quake 2 RTX release also included improved textures in a lot of places, if not everywhere. For example, the Steam page says “NVIDIA introduced new visual effects tracing track, it has Improved installation, and made dozens of other changes and improvements, bringing an experience to rival the games created today, and pushing your RTX hardware to the limit. Some textures have been made more modern and PBR friendly so RT effects can work. See also Digital Foundry review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9vXz9-C-AY Additionally, Quake 2 RTX still has the old OpenGL, but Quake 2 RTX runs on Vulkan.

Quake 2021 (Quake Enhanced) was actually a Nightdive Studios remake with additional new expansions by MachineGames. This editor ran on Nightdive’s Kex engine and also used the Vulkan API. So I wouldn’t really know why he wanted to make the Quake 2 Enhanced version more OpenGL friendly.

@field33P Nightdive has actually been taken over by Atari for a while. The request for Quake II Remastered in South Korea appears to have been made by a company called “H2 Interactive Co., Ltd.” This appears to be a publisher in South Korea. Maybe Bethesda wanted to launch it through this company in South Korea, and so that company made this app? Unfortunately, it probably says nothing about the developer. So this is just a question of who does it. Maybe it’s being made by an in-house team at id Software after all, or more likely Nerve Software (which is made up of ex-Software employees) is working on it. For example, Nerve Software also created Unity-based enhanced versions of Doom 1 and 2 in 2020. These versions included native 60fps support, widescreen support, and add-ons like Quake Enhanced, etc. So it’s very likely that Nerve Software will be working on Quake 2 Remastered. Or maybe Atari will let Nightdive work on this project after all; Have been taking Nightdive for just over 3 months now. Who knows how long this adapter might be in the works for Nightdive maybe. So it could be that Nightdive still has/has to live up to its original acquisition agreements and that it may still be working on this remaster or Atari is just allowing it. But then again, Nerve Software will likely be working on this. Again, just speculation haha

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