Problem with Lana Del Rey and Lewis Capaldi at Glastonbury

Problem with Lana Del Rey and Lewis Capaldi at Glastonbury

It remains to be seen if Lana Del Rey looks back with pleasure at her performance at Glastonbury. Her show was mercilessly halted on Saturday because no music was allowed to be produced at the festival after midnight, and on Sunday a leaked list shows she still has to play at least six songs. Lewis Capaldi’s performance wasn’t smooth sailing either.

Del Rey kicked off her concert late Saturday night with thirty minutes. “It takes a long time to get my hair right,” she told the audience when it became clear her performance would be cancelled. A screenshot of the track listing that circulated on social media on Sunday shows the singer still has six songs to finish. Del Rey was still trying to get going when the show was canceled, but the organization was relentless and turned off the sound system and the big video screens went black.

According to a reporter for The Guardian, Del Rey tried to sing another version of “Summertime Sadness,” but it was only caught by the fans standing up front.

Fans have complained to various British media. “It’s disappointing. I just came to the festival to see her,” one fan told PA Media. The fan from London thought it was a good idea for the crowd to use Del Rey’s hit video games. That was one of the songs the singer could no longer perform.

Lana Del Rey wasn’t the only artist to get into trouble on Saturday. Singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi developed vocal problems while performing. He apologized and said he hoped the organization would ask him to come back again. “Because that was a shit show,” he said.

Capaldi took a break at the beginning of June to look good at Glastonbury. The musician told the audience that he was taking a break due to mental problems. After his somewhat unsuccessful run, Capaldi has also announced that his break will last a bit longer, NME reports.

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