Princess Alexia borrowed clothes and jewelery from her mother for her first working visit to the show

Princess Alexia borrowed clothes and jewelery from her mother for her first working visit to the show

with picturesThis was her first solo performance. However, Princess Alexia hasn’t had to step out for anything new in recent weeks. Her dress and jewelry come simply from Queen Máxima’s wardrobe.

When you live under the same roof with the Netherlands’ greatest fashion icons, it’s no surprise that you feel a little shy about the art of royal dressing. Whether it’s high heels, inverted pashmina or long earrings: Máxima’s frank style is reflected in all her girls. By Alexia, her Mini meAnd perhaps most important of all. For her first solo show – the ship’s christening in Rotterdam – the Princess also dived deep into the water wardrobe From her mother.

Queen Máxima in 2019. © ANP / dpa Coalition photo

A dress with slits at the shoulders is also called a staleness It’s called a dress. Not very appropriate for today, because Alexia’s shoulders certainly wouldn’t get cold. With temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius, the choice of long sleeves and dark colors is not at all comfortable, but the princess also resembles her mother in this regard. When it’s freezing, the Queen wears sleeveless shirts, and when birds fall from the ceiling she just as easily wears wool cloaks and a felt hat.

The “cold shoulder dress” was purchased from Oscar de la Renta in the summer of 2018. Since then, Máxima has worn it four times. For example, upon arrival in Indonesia, before the start of the state visit in March 2020.

Modest hair ornament

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According to etiquette, ship baptism also includes a hat or hair ornament. Doing this act without a head is said to cause bad luck. The princess clearly wanted to save her first hat for Budget Day, as her head only has a modest hair ornament.

Princess Alexia's hair accessory.
Princess Alexia’s hair accessory. © Pronopress

The earrings, also in the shape of a flower, also come from the Máxima jewelry collection and are adjustable in length. Today there are two flowers hanging together, but there could also be three or four.

Maxima with earrings last year.
Maxima with earrings last year. © National Ports Agency / National Ports Agency

We’ve also seen the handbag of Marina Raphael, the young Greek designer, before. With Máxima and with Princess Ariane. Now we have to wait for Princess Amalia.

Princess Ariane with bag.
Princess Ariane with bag. © ANP / Robin Utrecht

Queen Máxima with bag.
Queen Máxima with bag. © ANP / Robin Utrecht

Princess Alexia.
Princess Alexia. © National Ports Agency

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