Preferred cryptography opens up new possibilities

Preferred cryptography opens up new possibilities

In this article, we share an up-to-date and in-depth cryptographic analysis from our premium member environment. Every week, our analysts here provide over 20 technical analyses, which are used daily by over 1,000 members. If you don’t own the cryptocurrencies below, don’t worry, this analysis is also interesting for you.

Technical Analysis Litecoin (LTC) Price

Litecoin (LTC) has been in the eyes of Crypto Insiders for a while now rising Outside. This trend may continue soon, as analysts recently explained in the Premium environment:

“After LTC fell sharply from $115, we have landed in a green entry area. This is where we want to think about building our position as we remain confident in the upside of this cryptocurrency.

At the moment, the price is fluctuating around the monthly pivot line. If the price can maintain this level, then this will be a clear bullish sign. It underscores the resilience of LTC, even after such a steep fall.

In addition, we see indications of the beginning of the Elliott wave pattern 12345. This gives us confidence that the third ascending wave is in the process of forming. So, we are now preparing for this potential green zone increase.

In the Premium environment, we are closely watching the price and will be sharing a new analysis of LTC in a few days. You can also find our full business plan and all related updates here. “

This analysis was shared with members on July 12th, so it may be out of date. It may be that a new update has already been shared in our featured group.

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