Pirates promote Jared Triolo, Ky Brian Hayes’ place in IL

Pirates promote Jared Triolo, Ky Brian Hayes' place in IL

The Buccaneers announce that they have called up a player Jared Triolo from Triple-A. He will make his major league debut as soon as he gets into the game. He would take the roster spot for a third baseman Cibrian Hayeswho was placed on the 10-day casualty list with low back inflammation, backdated to June 25. Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Notice Triolo’s presence on the field before the official announcement.

Triolo, now 25, was selected by the Pirates with the 72nd overall pick in the 2019 draft. He had a brief professional appearance that year but then the minor leagues canceled due to the pandemic in 2020. He spent 2021 at High-A 480 for wRC+ of 128 while stealing 25 bases.

He bumped to Double-A last year and seemed to have less power but better discipline. He hit just nine home runs in 112 games, but his walk rate jumped from 8.9% to 12.7% as his strikeout rate fell from 19.9% ​​to 17.6%. 282/.376/.419 overall for 121 wRC+ and sacked another 24 sacks.

The Bucs added Triolo to their 40-man roster in November to prevent being selected in the Rule 5 draft. Going into the year, he was ranked 15th for the club (since moved up to 16th) by the Bucs. baseball americanumber 9 fangrafs and #15 by Keith Low Athlete. He is generally considered an excellent defender at third base but has been moved to other positions due to the presence of Hayes. In addition to the third position, he has also spent time in other outfield positions and in midfield as well.

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Here in 2023, he experienced an instantaneous shock when he needed orthopedic surgery in early April. This delayed his 2023 debut to early May. He’s pitched 37 Triple-A games this year with one home run and a strikeout rate of 27.7%, but he walked 15.7% of his runs to the plate. His .293/.403 total streak brings .436 to 117 wRC+ and he has recorded eight more steals. He could potentially help cover the third spot during Hayes’ absence, but could potentially move into other positions if he performs well enough that the club decide to keep him in place.

The Buccaneers were red hot in April but have cooled off lately. Their 36-42 record puts them fourth in the National League Central but they are just five games off the top spot. They still act like they want to put their best club on the field and stay in the fight, having recently promoted high-profile prospects such as Henry DavisAnd Nick Gonzalez And now triolo.

As for Hayes, he last played on Saturday due to the emergence of this back problem. The fact that he was not immediately put into the IL suggests that it may be a borderline condition and therefore he will be back at work soon. Since this is an old move, he may be back in a week if that’s really the case. He continued to put up his stellar defense this year, having already recorded 10 tackles saved and nine points above average. However, his offense is still below par, with a hitting streak of .254/.290/.397 that is wRC+84.

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Elsewhere on the roster, the Bucs could soon welcome back a first baseman Ji Man Choi and left Rob Zastrizny from the list of injured. They will each head to Triple-A Indianapolis for rehab duties tonight, each Maki.

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