Peter Gillis: “People are busy ruining things en masse”

Peter Gillis: "People are busy ruining things en masse"

The bald reality star is so annoyed that people on the outside are trying to push him off screen. According to him, this mainly happened after it became known that Nikolici had reported ten assaults. At the time, Talpa indicated that he was awaiting the judge’s ruling: “We will not make a decision on the possibility of continuing the series until after the judge’s ruling,” the media company said.


However, Talpa did not appear to be telling the truth. Reverse RTL Boulevard He told Gillies that they are currently filming the eleventh season of The block is cache: “Yeah, we’re really busy. Season 10 is already over. Of course we’re filming every week. We’re now on our way to Italy and we’re also filming in Italy, so filming will continue.” And Talpa confirmed that too.

Gillis leaves the opposite story I know he’s very happy that John de Mol is continuing with the programme. Peter says he also reads some stuff: “I think people have been busy ruining things en masse and The block is cache from the tube.”


Gillis is very pleased that de Mol will continue to support him: “It’s always been very clear to me about the alleged assault case. John de Mol has always said, ‘As long as there’s no conviction, we’ll keep it going.'” There are people on all sides working on it The block is cache And Petertje from the tube. that don’t work!”

Peter Gillis’ new girlfriend, Wendy Van Hout, also defends her boyfriend: “Of course there are dark clouds hanging over Peter. But facts are facts. As long as you don’t get convicted… I never have a moment: ‘Oh, Peter’s no good. ‘” “No, never. Otherwise, I would have run away quickly. I’m a grown woman.” When the new season The block is cache Appears on the tube is not yet known.

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