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OpenAI has announced Dall-E 3. The third version of the image generator will be integrated into ChatGPT. This tool can be used to improve claims. According to OpenAI, Dall-E 3 creates better images and has more safeguards against algorithmic biases.

OpenAI Gadget announcedBut it won’t be released until October. Dall-E 3 can then be used by subscribers to the ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise package. The tool is currently available in beta version. The tool is particularly notable for its integration with ChatGPT. Users will soon be able to do this Summoned To get a photo made instantly. Users can also send improvements or changes to the image via chat if they want to make adjustments.

According to OpenAI, this should ensure that users can create a better image with less text. Currently the rule of thumb with Dall-E 2 or other image generators is that the image becomes better or clearer if the prompt is more detailed. Thanks to the integration with ChatGPT, this is no longer necessary. “Modern text-to-image generators tend to ignore words or descriptions,” OpenAI wrote. “So users are forced to Rapid engineering To learn.” With Dall-E 3, this is no longer necessary, according to the makers.

Generator makers also paid more attention to safety on the platform in version 3. This makes it more difficult to create violent, hateful or “adult” images. OpenAI has deployed a red team to make improvements in “risk zones.” Biases are also built into the algorithm; It is about “biases related to visual over- or under-representation.”

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It will also not be possible to make claims about public figures. OpenAI hopes to combat propaganda and misinformation. OpenAI is also testing an internal tool that can recognize when an image was created by Dall-E 3. “We hope to use this tool to understand how generated images were created,” the company says.

OpenAI also says it is taking action to help artists protect their intellectual property. Dall-E 3 rejects claims that images are created in the style of particular artists. Artists can also ensure that AI is not using their art for training purposes. However, this process is cumbersome and not extensive. It comes to unsubscribing where artists Photos must be submitted with the form. OpenAI will then “study” this, and only then can it decide whether to stop including images for future training models.

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