None Phone 2 and Google Bard in the Netherlands (Android News #28 2023)

None Phone 2 and Google Bard in the Netherlands (Android News #28 2023)

Nothing Phone (2) has been announced and the Google Bard is now available in the Netherlands. This is the top Android news of the week.

Read on after the announcement.

None Official Phone 2: Faster, more accurate, and much more expensive

The Nothing Phone (2) has finally been officially presented after months of rumors. It is the second smartphone of the relatively new Nothing brand and is much more expensive than its predecessor. The device is for sale From 699 euros This is €200 more than last year’s phone (1).

The phone (1) was the obvious middle class, but the new phone (2) is a true high-end model. For example, the Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip is there, which is a powerful processor that we know from many smartphones from last year. The Nothing smartphone appears in two versions with 12GB of RAM and 256GB or 512GB of internal storage.

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“OnePlus 12 first shows renewed camera island”

It seems that OnePlus is mainly improving the design of the new flagship. These OnePlus 12 builds have been featured, by known insiders OnLeaks. They have shown that the device is quite similar to the OnePlus 11. The screen almost fills the entire front and the back again has a grainy pattern in the casing.

The camera island retains its rounded shape, but we’re finding something new in it: a periscope zoom lens that you can probably zoom in on a bit. The OnePlus 11 only has a portrait lens that only zooms in 2x.

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Google Bard is finally available in the Netherlands

We had to wait a while, but Google Bard has finally made the leap to Europe. You can use Google Bard by going to Togo. You sign in with your Google account and start giving tasks. Like ChatGPT, Google Bard is based on the language model. This means that the chatbot is trained on a lot of scripts and thus can write sentences well.

It sounds smart, but these chatbots don’t really understand what they’re typing yet. So the answers can be full of errors. Google’s chatbot has not yet been allowed to appear in Europe because the company has not been clear enough about user privacy. google now.

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Unfortunately, the Google Pixel 8 will be more expensive than its predecessor.

Google Pixel 8 price is on the rise. Google will ask $649 or $699 for the device in the US. For comparison, the Pixel 7 had a suggested retail price of $599 in America. If this information is correct, we assume that the larger Pixel 8 Pro will also be more expensive than the Pixel 7 Pro.

The price increase is not a big surprise. Google recently launched the Pixel 7a in the Netherlands for €509, while its predecessor was €60 cheaper. The search giant cannot escape high inflation, which means that material and labor costs are increasing.

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Fairphone 3 (Plus) gets Android 13 (and why this is special)

The Dutch company Fairphone has already launched many smartphones in the market since its foundation. What’s great about the hardware is that as a consumer you can pretty much fix it yourself and receive updates for years. It turns out, because the Fairphone 3 is now offering Android 13 update.

The device was introduced in August 2019 and is therefore almost four years old. The new software for Fairphone 3 Plus can now also be downloaded. Both smartphones debuted Android 10, updated to Android 11 and are now getting Android 13.

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