Niantic will implement Wayfarer Anti-Cheat measures in all games

Niantic will implement Wayfarer Anti-Cheat measures in all games

Most players will notice that the number of Pokéstops in Pokémon GO has improved a lot lately. However, if you look at Pokéstops, you will see that the quality is not always good. This is because of the cheating method that exists in the Netherlands. Both judges and applicants can take advantage of this, but now Wayfarer Anti-Cheat Actions are coming. This means that with a year’s retroactive effect, players will be penalized if they do so.

And Wayfarer Anti-Cheat Actions apply not only to Wayfarer, but also to Pokémon GO, for example. So, as we warned before, you can get a ban on your account if you have abused the systems. In the next month, players will notice, and there will probably be quite a few Pokéstops that shouldn’t be there.

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