New evidence that Ukraine is still using banned mines.

New evidence that Ukraine is still using banned mines.

Because Russian President Vladimir Putin is “rather weak” after a short-lived revolt of Wagner’s mercenary army, the United States must now strike a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia. This says 77-year-old former President Donald Trump in an interview with the Reuters news agency.

“I want people to stop dying because of this ridiculous war,” Trump said. According to him, Ukraine has resisted vigorously since it invaded neighboring Russia last February, and the country has taken “credit”.

However, the Republican presidential candidate does not rule out that Ukraine will give up the territory in a possible peace agreement. The United States and its NATO allies want Russia to withdraw from the territories it has occupied in eastern Ukraine. If Trump is elected president again next year, he says, everything can be negotiated.

I think the most important thing for the United States to do now is to make peace, bring Russia and Ukraine together and make peace. Trump said. Now is the time to do that, to bring the two sides together to enforce peace.”

According to Trump, Putin has been less powerful since the short-lived uprising of Wagner’s mercenary army last weekend. “You could say Putin is still around, he’s still strong, but he’s somewhat weak, at least in many people’s minds.” At the same time, Trump doubts whether Putin’s departure is really desirable. You don’t know what the alternative is. It could be better, but it could be much worse.” (AP/Reuters)

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